Snow guard holder

What is a snow guard bracket?

A snow guard system consists of appropriate clamps for the system. Then snow guard grids, snow guard pipes or double pipes, snow guard base timbers or snow guard beams or even snow stoppers are used.


Why do I need a snow guard?

A snow guard mounted on the roof serves to prevent roof avalanches. Especially in higher and alpine regions, roof avalanches occur every year. Snow guard systems are used to protect people from the masses of snow.


What is a snow load?

Snow load (or snow pressure) is one of the climatic and variable effects on a building. It depends on the type and amount of snow. The location and also the roof construction as well as the shape of the building itself play an important role.

The snow load is calculated by specifying the pitch of the roof and depending on the snow load zone as well as the height of the location. You can easily use our form to calculate this. Enter all the information according to DIN EN 1991-1-3 and we will work out an installation proposal for you.

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