Standing seam roof

If the roof slope is very shallow, tiles no longer offer optimal protection against rain. The standing seam roof offers high resistance, extreme longevity and protects the building fabric from external weathering. Damage during hailstorms is rare.

Zinc, aluminium, steel or copper are used for these roofs. They are attached in rows, i.e. sheet metal strips, from the eaves (drip edge) to the ridge (upper edge of the roof) and connected by a double standing seam or an angled standing seam. A double standing seam is used for roof pitches of less than 25 degrees. An angled standing seam, the simple fold over, between a roof pitch of 25 to 35 degrees.

These types of metal roofs may seem modern, but their tradition is more than 200 years old. By using different types of clamps and brackets, we can always respond to the material. In addition, our systems leave the roof cladding undamaged.

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