Steps and walking gratings on industrially prefabricated profile

Also for industrially prefabricated roof profiles such as Bemo or Kalzip, we offer steps and walking gratings in various designs for roof pitches of up to 40 degrees. A grating or sheet metal grating, with a width of 25cm, is installed as a tread on the clamping holders.

If the gratings are connected to one another, a continuous grating system, for example under light bands or solar systems, but also on chimneys or ventilation systems, can be created.

With test certificate from TÜV-Süd and approval according to EN 516-1.

Step holder LA-1550 for round head profiles adjustable from 0 - 40 degrees.


Step holder for steps and walking grating for round head profil and a maximum roof pitch up to 40 degrees. For Grating width till 500 mm.

Stepped brackets for round head profiles with grating and agraffes for fixing.