Snow stopper copper

Snow stopper to mount on standing seam roof. The two-piece snow stop will be mounted between roof-sheet and tube. With stainless steel (A2) screw M6 x 50 and nut M6. According to the technical rules for the German plumbing trade. Mount snow stop mainly on the first line of your snow retention system, at the eaves. You should use 1 to 2 pcs. to avoid, that small layers of snow and ice slide down the roof. If you have installed additional rows of snow retention, sometimes snow stop are installed there too, to minimize wind- and general noises coming of the roof sheet.

Art.-No. LA-1151
Type of product Snow retention
Material Copper
Roof covering
  • Kliptec
  • Snap lock
  • Standing seam
  • Standing seam other
Weight per piece 0,185
PE Pcs. = 2 "half-shell" pcs., screw and nut
VPE 50

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