Snow retention systems - standing seam roofs

Clamp snow retention system for mounting on standing seam roofs. The system, which has been tried and tested thousands of times, especially in alpine locations, was developed by us to series production readiness and registered as a patent with the German Patent Office. Further utility models have been applied for, among other things, for our extension element and tube connector. Available as a single or double pipe system, with double pipe snow retention brackets or by means of the single pipe snow retention bracket in conjunction with an additional extension element (see illustration).

The installation of snow stoppers between the snow retention pipe and the roof covering prevents small layers of snow from slipping through. These can also be retrofitted.

Available in aluminium, copper and stainless steel.

Rees-clamp system product close up

Clamp system

With the clamp system damages of the roof skin can be avoided. For more information have a look at the professional articles.


Snow stopper

The snow stopper avoids little layers of snow to slip down underneath the tube.

Double tube snowstopper aluminium

Double tube system

Double tube system with double tube snow retention bracket and a snow stopper mounted underneath the tube. A snow retention height of 17 cm can be achieved.

Rees-triple snow stopper aluminium

Special productions

We are also happy to produce special designs for you, e.g. with 3- and 4-fold pipe pull-through or snow retention holders for logs. You can find more info here.

Service for fabricators and planners

We would be pleased to support you with the planning in the form of an installation proposal. You can find a request form here.
We will contact you at short notice.