Steps & walking gratings

For safe inspection of metal roofs, for example for maintenance and control purposes, we provide complete and tried and tested clamping systems with grating or sheet metal grids in various materials.

Steps and walking gratings can be installed with our clamp holders without damaging the roof covering. Installation is possible on standing seam roofs but also on roof covers such as Bemo® and Kalzip®. For Domico® or Rib-Roof®, we can offer you customized products.


Our standard holders are tested and certified by TÜV Süd according to EN 516-1. Regular inspections ensure a consistent quality.
It is possible to produce wider grating systems and in the case of a low roof pitch a small grating, which can also be installed parallel to the roof covering. If these customized products are manufactured according to certain specifications, an approval according to EN 516-1 can also be confirmed here.